Return of reservation deposit


MGM ® is focused on customer, we try to meet the the clients' requests to the maximum possible standard.

Therefore we offer a possibility  to return the reservation deposit in following cases:

  • The buyer is not sure, if he/she gains the finance using the morgage. In such case we offer to use our partners - finantial brokers.

We set a rreal term, usually 7 days until when our partners are able to chceck and request for mortgage financing. If our partners will not succeed in confirming the possibility to gain the financing in the set term (provided, he/she has all the necessary documentation), we shall return the reservation deposit decreased by our costs related to preparation of the contract and documentation. 

The buyer is sure, that he/he will not lose the paid deposit.  This is not the case, if they use the services of other finantial brokers or banks directly, in those cases they take responsiblity for their decision. That's why you should use the finantial brokers who are well-tried and recommended by us. 


  • The buyer is affected by force majeure (serious illness, death of family members, accidents etc.). In such cases we are more than human and we return 100 % of reservation deposit to the buyer or family members. 


  • The technical status of the purchased property is significantly worsened (force majeure, vandalism, flood, fire ets.) In this case we return 100 % of reservation deposit. 


  • The legal status of the property in question is changed, such as registration of burden, registration of greatly limiting easement or execution. In this case we return 100 % of reservaton deposit. In this case we return 100 % of reservation deposit. 


  • It will not be possible to transfer the propert to the Bueyer because of obstructions on the part of Owner (e.g. force majeure, the emergence of new legal facts which were not known in the time of the reservation etc.) In this case we return 100 % of reservation deposit. 


  • The Owner refuses to sign the Contract of sale even though the Buyer has secured the financing for the purchase of the property. In this case we return 100 % of reservation deposit.  


In general we realise the reservation of the property only after the client has definitely decided and has enough information concerning possibilities of financing. Therefore the  MGM ® representatives dedicate a lot of focus to review such facts.

First of all our main aim is the satisfaction of our clients and seleciton of the right property which shall become your home or ideal place for your business.

100 % Guarantee of permit for the registration

During our entire history since 1997 all our transfers of ownerships of the properties were allowed. We have not hesitated even once.

For this reason, we can guarantee 100% success rate for enabling transfer of ownership. This is the highest assurance that  can be provided by a real estate agency.

Providing the legal certainty, top real estate advocacy and flawless finalization of trade is one of our significant competitive advantages.

Our contracts have always been one hundred percent, as well as prevention, examination of title acquisition, thorough studying of the issue in depth. If we have doubts, we consult everything with cadastre or experienced lawyers.

Our deeds and hundreds of realized property transactions speak for us. Come and see.

Guarantee of safety

Within our work we are thorough and we do not stay just on the surface. While realising the trade, we check the property as well as the owner, in the same time we review the interested buyer, or person interested in the lease. 

Our aim is to avoid any unpredictable situations during the trade and thank to our prevention elude any potential risks which could consequently harm the interests of our clients.




We have adopted many measures in order to GUARANTEE THE SAFETY for our clients concerning the real estate transactions. Here we name just a few of them.

  1. Poperty and the owner examined
    • at the time of signing of contrats, up to date ownership certificate (prevention against possible duplicate cadastre deeds, prevention against doulble ownership, prevention agains new, or continuously created easements and liens)
    • personal participation of MGM and assistance at  asistencia atofficial verification of the signature of the owner (guarantee of signing of the contract by the owner - except assistance of verification for example against  forgery of signature)
    • property ceftified by MINISTRY OF PROPERTIES (for more information)
  2. Proven financial capabilities of the buyer
    • The contracts are closed after validated method of financing the purchase of real estate.
    • We recommend to buyers our reference financial adviser (learn more here).
    • In the event that the buyer has his financial adviser or communicates directly with the bank, we get information in advance concerning the amount of credit and favorable credit conditions.
    • In the case of own finance to provide bank pledges or notarial custody to the following follow-up to the conditions of release of funds. The most common conditions are for example: allowed transfer of ownership or registration of seals, respectively of the burden - in such cases we arrange ownership certificate.


Quality guarantee

We operate on the Slovak real estate market since 1997. During that time until the end of 2015 we had more than 10,000 real estates listed and more than 18,000 demands in our portfolio.

You can read more on our history here.




MGM ACADEMY - quality internal education

It is our Own "patented" edcucation programme MGM for education within MGM real estate group. 

Judging from the activities of MGM, its "charitable" projects and educational activities, the training of our people has the top priority.

At MGM we realise that the quality of the services provided is directly realated to the quality of educion of the people who provide them. 

All the people at MGM, regardless of their position, past experience and academic education, attend the  training programs within MGM ACADEMY, which has continuously been developed since 1997. The fact as a proof of the quality is that the part of it was provided by MGM as a concept of education for the National Association of Realtors and Offices in Slovakia. Mgr. Mário Glos is one of the their internal trainers.

You can find more information about completed courses, obtained certificates and educational attainment by opening the profiles of concrete people from MGM, which can be found HERE.

Professional real estate team

In the first place there are the people behind the success of MGM. Sales representatives, brokers, consultants and real estate specialists of MGM centersare top trained professionals. Their domain is to sale and lease by gaining the trust of the client, estimating the real needs and conequently offering customized solutions. When choosing future people, MGM puts emphasis in addition to basic assumptions on communication skills, credibility and responsibility for their honesty, ethics and human approach.


Up to now MGM has published several hundreds of blogs and expert articles. For more information please visit  our blog.

Education for students within the project: Real Estate Drivers Licence

MGM is the author of the project: Realitný Vodičá, where people from MGM educate approximately 1000 students yearly from final year at secondary schools in Žilina county. The project is officialy supported and reviewed by VUC Žilina and its aim is to increase the real estate literacy among young people. Until today over 1 000 participants took part in this education project. 

For more information on  please click HERE.

Publishing of our own book - Real Estate Manual

We published our own book: Real Estate Manual in 2012, where we described our experience and we provided advice to our readers how to maneuver within the real estate business. 

For more information on the book plese click here.

We also provide training for other real estate agencies. 

Guarantee of respectability

Everyone can make a mistake. We realise it, and from that reason we implemented the progrem inside MGM called GUARANTY OF RESPECTABILITY.

The aim of this program is first of all decreasing of the risks of our potential mistakes and their impact onto our clients.  We also want to offer to our clients the feeling of comfort, not only in terms of quality service but mainly our seriousness and credibility.

Our insurances

  • Liability insurance of real estate activity
    MGM has valid liability insurance for real estate activity, potential harms caused by acts of MGM tou our clients is paid by insurance company. (Insurance certificate)
  • Insurance of auctioneer
    MGM also organizes auctions within its portfolio. For conducting the voluntary auctions we have insurance coverage up to 2.000.000 EUR.(Insurance certificate)


Membership in NARKS



Under the terms of membership we have valid insurance of real estate agency, our agents have to graduate obligatory education, we have program: program for protection of personal data and program fight against money laundering and financing the terrorism. We follow the ethical coded and NARKS charter. Our clients can address NARKS concerning any issues related to practice.


Guarantee fund

The Guarantee fund is managed by NARKS and its aim is the protection of customer - client of real estate agency that is a full member of NARKS. First of all its about the protecion of reservetion or deposit payments paid by the clients. We operate within the similar principle as e.g. insurance of travel agencies in case of insolvency. The clients are able to ask the guaranetee fund for pay back the reservation or deposit payments, in cas of adequate request, it is accepeted and shall pay back reservation or deposit payments instead of the real estate agency. More on guarantee fund here

Membership in international associations

MGM real estate group acts globally and up to these days conduducted a few dozen international realty transactions.


C.E.I. and CEPI

  • We are members of European association of real estate professionals C.E.I and association of European real estate agencies CEPI.


  • MGM is a a membor of National Association of REALTORS®  - American association of real estate brokers REALTOR®  and was awarded by CIPS label (Certified International Property Specialist).


  • CIPS is international certificate published by american association of real estate agents  - REALTORS® after meeting the professional conditions and successful passing the exams focused on global real estate market.


Our insurances

Liability insurance of real estate activities and conduct, MGM has a valid liability insurance of real estate activity, any activity causing damage by MGM shall be paid to our clients by insurance company.

MGM auctioneer insurance within the portfolio of its services and also organizes the auctions. In carrying out the voluntary auctions we have at our disposal the insurance cover up to € 2 million.

Safe reservation and payments

MGM provides multiple protection of the funds of its clients. Therefore, the providing of reservation deposit or deposit payments are as safe as possible.

  • Gurantee Fund
    • MGM contributes and is a member of Guarantee Fund ktwhich is managed by National association of realtors of Slovakia - NARKS.  The aim of the guarantee fund is to protect the finance of the clients, which was paid as reservation deposit. In the event that the real estate agency would retain the deposit wrongfully, or the agency would become inslovent etc. the clients shall not lose their advance payment, because it will be paid from the GUARANTEE FUND resources.
  • MGM has liability insurance concerning providing the realty and auction activities.  It covers possible losses incurred by our professional failure. Throughout our history, we have never had even one insured event.
  • The funding received by MGM from the reservation deposit is not used for running the offeces or overhead. All are documented separately in the accounting. 
  • We prefer non-cash payment of the reservation deposit. Our account numer is always officially specified in the contract. For secure transer of the reservation deposit, always check the account number stated in the contract and compare it with the account number indicated on our online headquarters for the respected branch / office. You can find it in your billing information. If it does not match, please do not pay the reservation payment and contact us. 
  • The cash advances are taken only by company agent or legal representative, and solely in the official premises of the company under contract or a written order and invocice. The amount exceeding 4.999 EUR must not be taken in cash and is paid only by bank transfer. All employees, brokers, specialists and partners accept these rules. Their potential violation would result in the termination of the cooperation. MGM brokers are not entitled to receive any funding and payments from our clients. MGM throughout its history did not record a single case of unauthorized handing of clients' funds. 
  • Deposit of the purchase price

For depositing the purchase price MGM uses the institue of notary public or blockage of the funds in bank and deposits the purchase price money on own accounts. It is a service paid by the client and it is not included in MGM commisssion, but MGM provides assistance in the establishment of such custody, provides reference for notary office or bank. 

How does it work? The deposit is mainly used in the purchase of the property financed by own own funds without drawing a mortgage. When drafting the purchase contract the specific conditions for the payment of the purcchase price are specified. The part or the complete price shall be transfered to blockage account and conditions for transfere of this funds shall be specified for the trunsfer of these funds to the account of the seller (the former owner). The most common condition is a change of ownership from the seller to the buyer (authorization of transfer of ownership) and writing the title deeds. 

Following the fufillment of the conditions such as delivering new ownership certificate, the bank or notary shall transfer the blocked finance to account of the seller (the former owner). We guide our clients comfortly during the whole process of managing the blockage as well as setting up the blockage conditions.  MGM recommends custody of the purchase price, or its part within each transaction when the clients use own funds. It is the safest and the most transparent method of payment of the purchase price and protection of the property rights during the trasfer.